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Since the formation of Sigma Home Services in 1996, management had a vision that in the near future, Sigma will emerge as one among the top home health agencies in Illinois. As years went by, through persistence and commitment, management and staff began to witness the realization of such vision. Not only did Sigma been recognized in Illinois for its accomplishments, but it was recognized in Illinois for its accomplishments, but it was recognized all over the United States as evidenced by numerous awards and citations it received, among others:
  • 2004/2005 - Achieved award for quality care from IFQMC through outcome-based quality improvement
  • 2006/2007 - Participation for Home Health Star to set annual targets and aim for the highest quality in patient care;
  • 2008 - Winner in Medicare Home Health Pay for Performance (HHP4P) Demonstration;
  • 2010 - Recognized and identified by CMS as one of the top performers in the pay-for-performance in the Midwest, and ranked number two in the state of Illinois for five outcome measures;
  • 2011- Awarded as "Great Illinois Home Health Care" by Advisormed.com, a unique web based company specializing in Health Care Assessment;
  • 2007 to 2012- Awarded as Home Care Elite and named as Top 100/500 home Care Agencies in the U.S., by OCS, Inc. based on performance measures in quality outcome, quality improvement and financial performance; and
  • 2013 - Received zero violation on a survey conducted by the Illinois Department of Public Health, an achievement what any home health agency in the U.S. would aspire for

Receiving a zero violation in a survey is the culmination of perseverance and commitment. The attitude displayed by the staff of Sigma was commendable. Congratulations is in order.

Sigma Home Services

Sigma Home Services is a community based agency, licensed and certified by MEDICARE and the Illinois Department of Public Health, that brings skilled professional healthcare into the client's home on an intermittent (part time) basis.

Functions as a coordinated network of health professionals that provide preventive, therapeutic, restorative, rehabilitative and supportive service for the elderly and other age groups regardless of race, creed, color, and national origin.